When your baby is born he has a lot to learn, discover and develop. To help your baby feel relaxed and safe in his new environment, you could discover ways to stimulate your baby’s sense of hearing, sight and touch. Learn about these senses and how to stimulate them.. You will notice his reactions as he develops and learns.

His Sense Of Hearing.

Baby’s hearing is nicely developed by the time he is born, in fact his hearing becomes really sensitive in the final stages of pregnancy. You might have detected your baby reacting to sound in your stomach, like jumping to an unexpected loud noise or shifting around to a particular song. Your baby may find comfort in familiar noises he listened to when in your womb in the outside world. For instance, the sound of your heart beating and the sound of your voice. You should look at a video baby monitors around to guarantee maximum safety when he is asleep.

Try making your voice go up or down when you are talking to him, changing the pitch. Particular music you played whilst pregnant may be familiar and soothing to your newborn. He may remember certain sounds and feel very comforted by them. Talk to your baby in different locations and he might turn his head to listen. Try this little game with your baby., take a tube, like from an empty kitchen roll, whisper into the tube putting the other end near one of his ears, then the other.

Sense of Vision

Once your baby is born, his eyesight will gradually start to develop. Your newborn can only focus approximately 26 centimetres at first. Initially your baby’s vision will be very blurry. Holding him close to you will certainly help stimulate your baby’s sense of vision. Particularly when feeding, your baby will enjoy plenty of time studying your face.

Black and white patterns and strong prints are good for stimulating your baby’s vision, you may notice your baby interested in these. With this in mind, lots of the toys for babies have these black and white prints to stimulate your little one. Watch as your little one studies these prints. Your baby will also enjoy looking at things moving around so try showing your baby a toy and moving it side to side. In time he will learn to following the toy using his eyes.

Sense of touch

Babies have a lot to discover when it comes to sense of touch. Your baby will need to get used to various feelings starting from being stroked and touched. Baby massage is a positively fantastic way to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch.

Show your baby different textures like dimply and smooth, soft and silky to stimulate your growing baby’s sense of touch. Simple fabrics from around your house are great to demonstrate to your baby, stoking them on your newborns skin in a warm comfortable environment is an excellent way to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch.

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